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May 28, 2015 | | Say something

Blog, VideosOne of the most booming marketing strategies nowadays is video marketing. Marketers these days would rather sell through telling a story rather than plain, dry advertising.

This is why they use video marketing to show more emphasis on the product and the services that they want to showcase rather than just telling and stating things about it. It’s still better to be able to show than to tell. Actions speak louder than words as the old saying goes.

Being able to capture the attention of the customers is the most important thing in a world where buyers already have the capacity to do their own research about the vendors or the appropriate vendors before even buying anything.

Video is the future of content marketing.

Online Video Demand

Visual art is the most attractive form of art nowadays mainly because of the influence of the internet and its prowess to convert anything into animations and something that would surely capture and retain the attention of the viewers.

This is why a decent 70% of users access video content on the web at least once per week. Furthermore, the companies are given the freedom to give more aesthetic beauty into their campaigns.

Video Content for SEO Link Building

Video marketing or videos alone can create a large amount of traffic into websites.  This is because of its ability to easily capture the attention of the consumers.

Branded Video Content

In order for contents to stand out, businessmen should be able to establish the difference of their product compared to those of the competitors. And video marketing is one of the best ways to showcase those differences and show the public that your product is unique.

Platform Video Distribution Platforms

It is very difficult to host videos for businesses. However, thanks to the various video sharing sites that are present today, the task doesn’t seem to be that difficult anymore. These video-sharing websites help lessen the burden on the shoulders of businessmen when it comes to the dispersal of their video campaigns throughout the web.

Some of the video sharing sites that we are all familiar of are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  • MetaCafe
  • Viddler

Video Marketing Influence on Purchases

The influence of video marketing into the purchases from the site is drastic. This is because the videos increases the dwelling time of the customers in the site because videos really take time to watch and videos also leave a certain mark into the minds of the customers which leads them into wanting to watch that video more which then leads to them being able to purchase products from the company because of the impact of those videos to them.

Video marketing truly is one of the phenomenal contributions of technology into the business world. It helped integrate and properly relay the messages of businessmen to their consumers. And it also helped clarify issues that will never be resolved by content and photo commercials ever.

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