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Online Marketing is defined as utilizing the services of the internet in terms of advertising and marketing. There are different forms of Online Marketing such as pay-per-click, SEO, Email marketing campaigns, and banner advertising. In this marketing strategy, you can now reach customers globally.

Furthermore, internet marketing does not involve a start-up capital. You can start blog-marketing, email marketing and etc. without spending a dime which is very contradictory to the traditional ways of marketing where you are obliged to spend money for the factors of production.

Cost- Effectiveness

Online Marketing is cheaper than Traditional Marketing. This method of marketing does not involve much of a fuss when it comes to budget handling because it does not include the stalls, the pamphlets and the flyers that any person who sticks with the Traditional ways of marketing has to deal with.

The major benefit of setting up or moving a business online is the cost advantages of doing so.  A firm can save a number of costs namely:

  • Staffing Costs. Fewer personnel are needed for the maintenance of the business online compared to the manpower needed when doing it traditionally.
  • The company won’t need to spend for the location or for the business establishment.
  • The channel of distribution is way shorter online because the customer will have the ability to buy directly.
  • Financial Management. As consumers pay for the product before it is dispatched, this improves the cash flow for the company, making sure for the firm that they can pay their suppliers and other costs on time.
  • Tracking Results. This is yet another advantage of Online Marketing. You can easily track the results of your advertising and it will be displayed in detailed graphics that illustrates the traffic growth, leads and sales conversions from your marketing search campaigns.

Customer’s Data Collection and Personalization

Internet marketing fares better than traditional marketing when it comes to the collection of customer’s data because millions of customers can be served with varied items in the same online mall based on each customer’s interests which is indicated by their white list, former products purchased, pages visited, IP address, and internet cookies.

This will make it easier for the customer to get the desired products in no time without trouble.

Competitor Analysis

The internet enables businesses to analyze their competitor’s online strategy and status. A firm can keep abreast of new products that are released, react to changes, or use the internet to discovery secondary data. The internet allows the firms to abruptly react to changes on their competitor’s strategy and it tries to provide a service that will allow them to match or beat their competitors.

Other Benefits of Online Marketing:

  • Broad Reach
  • Highly Adaptable to Multi tasking
  • Residual and Continuity Effect
  • All-hour Based Marketing Service
  • Time-Effectiveness
  • Automation Versus Delegation
  • Convenient, easy and quick service delivery
  • Follow-up and After-sales Relationship
  • Advertising to Target Markets
  • Instant Transaction Execution with Digital Payment Service
  • Easy Tweaking & Advertising Campaign on the Go
  • Diversification
  • Standard Measure of the Cause and the Effect

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