How Marketers Combat Ad-Blocking Technology

Feb 12, 2016 | | Say something

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There are several changes that affect the marketers in 2015. Among these, ad blocking is considered as the most significant. Globally, there are almost 200 million active ad-block users. With this, it is estimated that the publishers lose $22 billion in advertising revenue for this year only.

For consumers, a digital ad is something that hampers their online experience. Recently, Apple has released their latest iOS 9 software whichsupports ad blocking Safari extensions. This is a drastic move for the technology giant as it allows the consumers to remove an unwanted ad content. This also considers the consumers’ rejection of intrusive online advertisements. For example, a popup ad window disrupts a particular consumer’s online shopping experience. Over time, customers have grown infuriated with digital ads.

But even though ad-blocking apps continue to grow, marketers should still pursue various campaigns that reach consumers as extensive as possible. One of the best strategies to cambat this is to make better content that appeals to digital shoppers. The solution is this: ‘If users block ads that they don’t want. Then, we have to offer them ads that they do want.’

It is important to marketers to find out when and why consumers avoid a particular ad in order to improve the relationship between online shoppers and ads. Such information can be used as their guide to  generate ads that don’t automatically get blocked.

With the continuing growth of ad blocking apps, businesses might be losing track. For the users, there are a number of factors why they block ads. These include the quantity and the quality of ads while in mobile, some factors include the extra load time, the resulting hits on battery life, and the bandwidth charges. By taking into account these factors, marketers are able to craft a digital ad that attracts consumers.



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