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Article marketing is a new advertising strategy and it’s totally free. Websites and business owners nowadays are using this new approach. Through articles, products and services can be effectively promoted across the web. Having your own website is an advantage. Other than submitting articles to article submission sites, creating your own site will pump up your business.

Using article to market your product or services is somewhat new in its technique. It is a very effective tool if it’s properly done. Posting your article to content directories will provide you with more opportunity to being read by potential customers. If your article is interesting and attention-grabbing, people will more likely visit your website for more information.

Article marketing is a fundamental internet marketing strategy. Having relevant articles all over the internet will supply some time and effort and gather the benefits for your business. Always remember that people choose what they want to read. Other people take articles they enjoy and publish it to ezines and even their own websites. This will help you get more back links and publicity which you may need for page rank.

In order to have a successful online marketing and free publicity for your site, you must have enough knowledge on your subject and target market. Showcase your expertise through the article and persuade others to want to read more. Share what you know with your readers and they will respect and appreciate your eagerness to help them out with their inquiries. For example, if you have a real estate website, you may write some tips about buying or selling a home. Avoid using common tips if you can. Focus on rare but effective tips. Sharing lesser known tips with your readers will help you gain credits for your business and website.

Do not submit articles which are already on your website. Otherwise, it will be considered as duplicate content and you don’t want that to happen! Even though you are the owner of the article, since it is a duplicate content, Google will consider the site where you submitted the same article as the originator of the article (if that site has higher ranking). If that happens, your page rank is in big disadvantage.

The best thing about online article marketing is that it is free and generates free website publicity. When you have your own website, enlist the article marketing technique and save a lot from advertising expenses such as print publications and other conventional advertising techniques.

Bottom line: Create informative and relevant articles. Use specific keywords with consistency. This will improve your site’s SEO. The articles should mirror what your website, service or product is about.

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